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In the last years (microbial) fuel cell technology advanced significantly, involving air cathode and single chamber designs and utilizing low-cost materials as charcoal for the anode. Especially for farmers (having a lot of animals dung), or others that have bigger animals in the neighbourhood, this could prove valuable.


  • Simplicity.
  • Scalability.
  • Material affordability before efficiency. (Use of easy to get materials for the electrodes!)
  • (tdb) Option of using this in combination to biothermanl energie (two different processes emerging from the same source! one being transformation of heat to electricity, the other direct electricity harvesting).

Prototype 1 - MFC

  • single chamber
  • cathode: charcoal
  • anode: stainless steel


This is up to come in the next weeks if everything works as expected.


This will not be accomplished too qickly. Don't expect it before fall.

Further reading

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