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Zink-Luft Brennstoffzelle und ZnO-Recycler ("Zilu-Brezel plus" oder "ZB+") should rather be in English: Zinc-Oxide Fuel Cell. Project names (although this isn't an official project but rather an interesting research article) and project descriptions in general should be available in English, cf. TiVA & DiVER. --Shure (Diskussion) 15:05, 30. Jul. 2012 (CEST)

renaming into english is done now. The correct and widely used english term is "Zinc-Air Fuel Cell" or just "Zinc Air Cell" (because its called a "semi-fuel-cell" if mechanically rechargeable). Since all requirements are fullfilled, i consider this beein an official project. Case (Diskussion) 05:34, 31. Jul. 2012 (CEST)