Extremely Intense Desire

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1. Awakening the extremely intense desire is the most important first step.

2. Of all the factors that determine whether you will achieve it or not, the intensity or lack of intensity of your desire for it is the most essential factor.

3. Therefore, whatever you can do to most effectively increase your desire for it should be done.

4. All obstacles that appear in your journey to it are caused by too little desire for it.

5. When the extremely intense desire for it is awakened, Clarity, Sincerity, Earnestness, Insight and Discernment are also awakened and then you can see what is essential and what is not.

6. Even a little increase in your desire is helpful.

7. As your desire grows in intensity, fewer obstacles are created.

8. When your desire for it becomes very intense, your desire demands that you take no detours.

9. Increasing your desire is the most important step.