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This page is a translated version of the page Hilfe:Forum and the translation is 100% complete.
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In the discussion board you can chat and talk about almost anything in the various discussion topics, e.g. about own ideas or sketches of projects.


You can subscribe to automatic news like so:

Subscribe to a board

  1. navigate to a board
  2. scroll down at the bottom to subscribe to, and click on the ambiguous checked “[x] Subscribe forum”
  3. only after the click you have subscribed to the board

Subscribe forum: first click „[x] subscribe forum“, only then you have subscribed to it.

Subscribe to a discussion topic

  1. navigate into a board/forum, then a topic/subject
  2. above or below the discussion click on the wrench wrench and again click on the ambiguous “[x] subscribe topic”
  3. only after the click you have subscribed to the topic

Subscribe topic: first click “[x] subscribe topic”, then you have subscribed to it

Notifications on Reply

The various user preference settings allow you to set the own contact settings on how you wish to be notified, or what to switch off etc.: Modify user settings and notification options to be set