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This is entry page for leadership. The word leadership is used to lead yourself and (with) other people, At its core is the personal development of the individual.

What leadership is not

Leadership is not submitting others under yourself, but making yourself and others leaders. Leadership is developing and giving your best so that as many people as possible develop and give their best.

Leadership Characteristics


Know yourself!

  • Know deeply WHY you are living.
  • have a Vision and create it.
  • know your own values and act accordingly.
  • know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • take time to reflect on your deepest thoughts, feelings and intuitions.


You put yourself in service to what you value most deeply.

Overcomes Obstacles

  • Temptation - there are many temptations: well paid job, sweetness, maintaining relationships which do not match your vision and values, etc ... A temptation is recognized by the feeling of dissatisfaction from making a compromise somewhere with something which is not according to your values and vision. A temptation does not lead you. You understands well tempting thoughts and actions, have a strategy to avoid them (ignore, kick, subject, compassion) so that you concentrate on your vision and values. You says often "No".
  • Obstacles are inevitable. They show that you are walking your path.
  • Obstacles are opportunities for growth.
  • An obstacles is not seen just as an obstacle, but is seen systemically with all its connections to all other objects and situations. The first time you hear or see an obstacle you imagine the whole systemic picture and its influences and you 1) recognize the blockage that the obstacle is creating and 2) you see the many opportunities and 3) undertake one or multiple actions to create a better flow in the system.