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I know this will not be easy to take serious. So it was for me. Until I got around its possibility after several years (myself I have been conducting research on this topic for mor than a decade, I'm student of aerospace systems currently and work for university for more than 3 years simultaneously.). Anyway, I think this would add a lot to Open source ecology. It would make things a lot easier at the same time. (I'm already planning an electrical power cube, stays to be determined whether we have to use conventional batteries, LiFePO4 chemistry, fuel cells, heavily cooled air/water, solar or one of those "exotic" generators, i.e. Bedini Tesla or Magnet Motor.) So much as a background.

Magnet Motor in General

Magnet Motor of Halil Yildiz partly disassembled as of demonstration at University of Delft

The Magnet Motor is a machine that converts some up to date unknown fields or vacuum fluctuations (as predicted by Quantentheorie [Reference:1, Mathematical Model by Assistant Prof. J.L. Duarte of University of Eindhoven, Department of Electrical Engineering]) into kinetic energy which could further be converted to electrical energy by attaching a generator.

Power output scalabity

So far it hast proven to give at least 250 W as output but it is fairly scalable (as Yildiz somewhere explained and yes it sounds logical as we could just scale its size up, thus torque).

As of after the Inventor's Exposition in Geneva, April 2013, it became apparent, that the power output depends proportionally on the permanent magnets (i.e. the strength of the created magnetic fields). [citation needed]

Thus in general the power output can be increased by increasing size of the Magnet motor or the quality of the magnets (to be investigated if the system works with strong neodym magnets).

Demonstrations of feasability


  • 1 Geneva Demonstration (currently running, live stream see e.g. here:
  • 2 Currently tested by an independent but not published university within Europe (30 days test in isolated room, currently delayed because of the involved scientists/universities - perhaps they could get to the source of the motor or still try to by altering isolation state to see when the magnet motor (MM) starts working -- at least this is what I did).
  • 3 Delft University Demonstration [includes motor disassembly,]
  • 4 some other university demonstration I forgot
  • 5 Approximately 46 of these prototype MMs have been constructed so far by Halil Yildiz, who engineers this somewhat exotic technology since 33 years.


Papers & Patents

Product Ecology

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Open Source Ecology America (founders, Marcin Jabubowski),Open Source Ecology Europe are in the Research phase. Prototypes of Halil Yildiz exist, patents and papers give some reference.


This project would add up a very important point to open source ecology: if once we have Pb batteries and open source steam engine done, but the magnet motor and cold fusion are reality (what they definitely already are!) and also have more backhold in our thinking then we will be somewhat disappointed. Thus let's just do it the way engineering works, we should prefer the simplest and most flexible solution, hence being the realization of the Magnet Motor or the Tesla Bedini Motor (I know people think of it as a scam - then I ask you, was Tesla's laser system impossible? Despite all those early critics: no! Was Einstein's theory a scam? - In spite of the massive opposition: no! Was the invention of flight a scam or were all theories always perfect? No, now planes are common for us. So what about the current theory electromagnetics where there are flaws between both accepted hypotheses both of Laplace and Maxwell? [it's just about eddy currents -- and still longitudinal waves with what Tesla dealt for so long are getting more and more theory behind the working practice as demonstrated as early as of 1900s by Tesla? Think of his robot remote control ...])

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