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How to change the MediaWiki Theme

Border Colors

For the files:

  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/border.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/portal-break.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/preferences-edge.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/page-base.png
    • Just replace the background color with the desired color

For the files:

  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/tab-break.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/portal-break-ltr.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/portal-break-rtl.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/preferences-break.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/tab-normal-fade.png
  • /wiki/skins/vector/images/page-fade.png
    • Open in GIMP
    • Delete all colors - Ctrl+A + Delete (Result: white color)
    • Select the desired color as foreground color
    • Use the Blend tool from (bottom-up, left-to-right or right-to-left) to add a color gradient (fading effect)
    • Save the file

TODO: change the other colors