Nikolay Log/2013-01

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Priorities for 2013:

  1. Develop Myself - Open Holistic Development
    1. Body care - exercise, being in Nature.
    2. Mind/Spiritual - meditation, personal and group growth
  2. Develop OSE Germany
    1. develop better team work
    2. wind turbine microfunding
    3. find long-term actors

January 2013 Goals

To be defined.

Mi, 29. Jan 2013

Got more concrete and holistic initial vision of the Open Source Economy in the cities.

Tu, 28. Jan 2013

Asked Naturpiratin about Fundraising - how do we find fundraiser & which foundations. How can I fill out a donation receipt - Waldo wll answer at the weekend.

Tu, 14. Jan 2013

Dirk Janssen suggested to help with fundraising from the Triodos Foundation. Asked in the forum for micro-donations.

Mo, 14. Jan 2013

Sent EU Antrag STREP Uni Siegen OSE.pdf for EU-project (not connected directly to our needs, but could be good for networking).

So, 14. Jan 2013

Met with Leo from Karlsruhe, older man, buddhist, well connected in the region, possible long-term collaboration with him and his friends, early to say something concrete. Online Meeting - was ok, can be better, a lot depends on me yet, decision: 1) microfunding for the wind turbine 2) find long-term actors. From 18 to 25. January I will work from Bulgaria.

Sa, 13. Jan 2013

OSE Bulgaria: first skype meeting. Declined TEDxSofia because the OSE soil in Bulgaria is not ready for the publicity. Personal: 30km walking in Nature. Taking some stuff from Darmstadt to Karlsruhe. Decided to find a job.

Mi, 9. Jan 2013

Interview for SWR2 Tandem (Baden Würtemberg) and M94.5 (Bayern). Asked Alex and Achmed for a meeting on Sunday on next steps, Aaron and Chris will be there.