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Here we list design proposals for Open Source Ecology Germany.

Discussion in the forum.

We had many proposals and the upper most version by Shure seems to be the best for now.
Shure: final flame/leaf duality proposal (w/ applied Fibonacci rules)
OSEG logo draft shure6.png

Niko: Yin/Yang with Open Hardware and Ecology

OSEG Logo Design 1.jpg
Design Sketch by: Nikolay

Main Idea: represent the letters OSE and add Open Hardware to the picture. O is represented by the circle. S is represented by the S in the circle - Yin/Yang is formed. The points of the Yin/Yang parts are symbols themselves. On the right is the Open Hardware logo. On the left is a symbol for Ecology. This represents the balance between technology (hardware) and nature (ecology).

Next steps could be:

  • Choose good symbol for ecology: search in google images for ideas.
  • Add plenty a colors for another colorful version of the logo.
  • The logo can be easily upgraded for certain events: add shine, sun, animate it, etc.

Niko: Logo with Colors

OSEG Logo Design 1.svg


Main idea:

  • To bring two main elements together: Open Source Hardware and ecology/life/growth etc.
  • The reversed OSHW gear in earthy-orange represents the ground/soil as the basis for ecology/life/growth etc.
  • This draft also represents the "germform"-concept (Keimform).

These drafts are in a very early stage and should only illustrate my idea. I'm not a professional illustrator :)

First Draft

OSEG-Logo OSHW-Plant 01.png

Second Draft

OSEG-Logo OSHW-Plant 02.png

Third Draft

OSEG-Logo OSHW-Plant 03.png OSEG-Logo OSHW-Plant 03 (GS).png OSEG-Logo OSHW-Plant 03 (SW).png

Niko: Simple OSHW-Plant

OSHW-Plant-smiple.svg OSHW-Plant-simple circled Text.png Datei:OSHW-Plant-smiple_circled_Text.svg

Niko: Updated

OSHW-Plant-simple Updated Text.png SVG: Datei:OSHW-Plant-smiple_Updated_Text.svg

Hermann: OSEG_RGB_wfg

OSEG RGB wfg.png

Aron: Simplified leaves

OSEG Aron.png

Niko: Simple OSHW-Plant Text below

OSHW-Plant-simple Text below.png
Datei:OSHW-Plant-simple Text below.svg

Simple OSHW-Plant in Grau und Grün

OSHW-Plant-two leaves.png

Niko:OSHW-Plant Symmetric

OSHW-Plant-symmetric.png Datei:OSHW-Plant-symmetric.svg

Shure: highly scalable vector drafts

I like the third row most, something in that direction. It's really open and not overloaded and scales fine (have look at the last row). It can be further simplified by leaving out the teeth of the sprocket at tiny sizes, that would make a nice and clean icon. --Shure (Diskussion) 19:11, 19. Jul. 2012 (CEST)

OSEG logo draft shure4.png

Niko: Flower with Stalk

OSHW-Plant-symmetric shure.png

Datei:OSHW-Plant-symmetric shure.svg

Niko:Colorful Flower with Stalk

OSHW-Plant-symmetric shure colorful.png

Datei:OSHW-Plant-symmetric shure colorful.svg

Nikolay: Harmonic Colors with Stalk

OSHW-Plant-symmetric harmonic colors.png

Datei:OSHW-Plant-symmetric harmonic colors.svg

Nikolay: One Color

OSHW-Plant-symmetric one color.png

Datei:OSHW-Plant-symmetric one color.svg

Nikolay: One Color Variations

OSHW-Plant-symmetric one color variations.png

Datei:OSHW-Plant-symmetric one color variations.svg

Shure: Deprecated drafts

OSEG logo draft shure2.png