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The Open Governance Index measures the true openness of eight open source projects – Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse – and analyses how governance, and not licenses, tell the full story of a project’s openness, across transparency, influence and control.


Main Elements

  • Access
  • Development
  • Derivatives
  • Community


  • How do we implement Open Access?
    • Is the source code available to all developers, at the same time?
    • What open source licenses we use?
    • How do we support the developers? Do they have open access to the mailing list, bug-tracking, developer documentation and other tools?
    • Is the Roadmap publicly available?
    • Is the decision-making transparent? Is the whole process described publicly and are the meeting minutes open to everyone?
  • How do we implement Open Collaborative Development?
    • Are the requirements and the process to become a contributor transparent?
    • Is the contributions and acceptance process transparent?
    • Is it transparent who made the contribution?
    • Is it transparent who are the contributors to a project?
  • Derivatives
    • Is there any control how derivatives can be used, shared etc?
  • more questions ...


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