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Technological Values

Design for ManufacturabilityLow CostOpen SourceSafetyReplicabilityScalabilityDo it YourselfEfficiencyModularityEcological Design
Technological values of Open Source Ecology Germany

We use sustainable criteria for the development of the technologies:

Open Source
— We provide the entire lifecycle of each technology to Open Source—from research and design to BOMs, manufacturing (CAD drawings, engineering drawings, exploded-view drawing, texts, images, videos, animations, simulations), usage, maintenance, repair to reuse and recycling. This information costs us money, but we’re happy to share it with you for free. This allows us to understand, reproduce, adapt, distribute, build and improve technologies for everyone, accelerating innovation exponentially. We like free content, free learning materials, open data, open source software, open source technologies and open everything. We publish all information early and frequently to promote technology development and cooperation.
— The use of widespread natural and refined resources, standard components and readily available tools enable the reproduction of the technologies. The goal is to enable as many people as possible to reproduce the technologies. The easy replicability is the true meaning of open source technology.
— The technologies consist of smaller modules that can be manufactured, tested, repaired and improved separately and in parallel. Modules are easier to understand, monitor, maintain and share between different technologies. This increases the productivity and reliability of the technologies, while saving costs and resources. A modular technology is adaptable to new innovations, different customer requirements and application areas, and creates a publicly shared know-how.
— The ability to adapt important technology criteria, e.g. size, performance, throughput and more, easily to customize for different needs.
Do It Yourself
— We make it possible for everyone, through open source blueprints, efficient learning materials and practical courses, to manufacture the technologies themselves.
Design for Manufacturability
— Designing for easy fabrication and assembly is beneficial for the whole technology life cycle. It assures lower costs and better quality, reliability, automation and user serviceability.
— people should be able to safely fabricate and use the technologies.
Low Cost
— optimal use of available resources, collective financing and all other technological base values reduce the usual costs and the product price. Modularity enables to share costs between different technologies resulting in drastic holistic cost reduction. Open Source technologies are on average twice to three times cheaper than the proprietary equivalents.
— efficiency should be in balance with technological, ecological and social aspects.
Ecological Design
— the goal of the technology is to serve the human needs, provide and support the regeneration of the environment at the same time.

Human and organizational values

Cooperation and ConnectionSystem Thinking and DevelopmentDiversity and RespectReproducible CompaniesAbundance and FreedomOpenness and AuthenticityResponsibility and Directness
Human values of Open Source Ecology Germany
Reproducible companies
— We go one step further and publish our business models for free, early and frequently. We do not support trade secrets. Our core operations strategy is the open independent replication of the company, helping other reproducible companies with hands-on training and collaboration.
Openness and Authenticity
— Openness exponentially drives personal and social development. We publicly and authentically share our development, needs, failures, achievements, communications, work processes, research, results, accounting and more—Open Everything.
Cooperation and Connection
— Cooperation is the core of human development. We consciously connect with like-minded people, nurture these relationships and work together. Together, we can achieve much more.
Diversity and Respect
— Diversity promotes stable and healthy systems. We respect people with different values, identities, opinions, and give space to the unfolding of diversity.
System Thinking and Development
— Holistic Thinking and Action create long-term sustainable solutions for as many people as possible. We look at situations holistically and act accordingly. We develop our skills in the various aspects of life.
Responsibility and Directness
— Responsibility is directly connected with the own action in the present. Each of us takes full responsibility for the own actions and the individual and collective development.
Abundance and Freedom
— Through material and spiritual wealth, we can overcome resource scarcity and spiritual scarcity and live fulfilled with freedom. Our goal is to enable this abundance and freedom for all people.