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We want to create a concrete long-term vision for creating the Open Source Economy in Europe. A vision:

  • co-created by everyone who wants to participate in the Open Source Economy
  • that is easily transmitted and explained with a picture and words
  • that flows easily from the abstract to the concrete choice of technology.
  • continuously updated and improved by community

A vision, similar to the GVCS vision, better defined and Europe-relevant.


Easily understandable and long-term vision has the power to inspire and involve many people. When concrete, it focuses the efforts in the needed direction. The vision is co-created and constantly updated so that the community of participants can form the vision and its implementation.

Goals of the Vision

Identify the technological criteria and the technologies in the economic sectors.

Identify Values, Sectors and Technologies

  1. Identify the long-term sustainability values for technological development.
  2. Identify the economic sectors.
  3. Identify the technologies involved in the economic sectors, and for every technology describe inputs (e.g. wind, plastic filament) / outputs (energy, 3D plastic objects).
  4. Identify the impact technologies, those that if already design and developed by 1) will have the biggest economical impact.

Create vision representations

  1. Create a logo for the Open Source Economy
  2. Create a picture of the Sectors of the Open Source Economy
  3. Create icons to visualize the machines, their inputs and outsputs.
  4. Visualize the interconnectivity of the machines.
  5. Create a picture of the Technologies in the Open Source Economy.
  6. Create A4 posters of the Open Source Economy.

Improving the OS Economy

  • Agree on how to iterate and improve the Open Source Economy vision and technology choice.

Next Steps

Additional Possibilities:

  • Offer Bachelor and Master Thesis on the topic.


We start the implementation of the Open Source Economy by development of the impact technologies according to the long-term sustainability criteria. See more under Implementation.