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Bank account template for Open Source Ecology Germany e.V. on English pages, for German Wiki pages please use template: Bankkonto OSEG.


{{Bank Account OSEG
|purpose=please enter here “ORGA”


The template has the following parameter (mandatory bold):

purpose or reason of payment

Technical Dependencies


Account holder:

OSE Germany e.V.
DE19 4306 0967 1190 6553 00
GENODEM1GLS (GLS Bank, Bochum, Germany)

Note on donation receipts:

For individual donations under 200 € no donation receipt is required.

For amounts over 200 € we can issue a donation receipt! So please send us an e-mail.

Note on monthly donation:

If you want to donate monthly, you can set up a standing order with your bank. We recommend a standing order via bank transfer instead of PayPal, because it is cheaper. PayPal retains a part of the donation as a fee.