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The open research and development platform for small wind turbine enables the low-cost discovery and use of renewable energies in everyone's garden.
What is TiVA and Why to support it?
The Tiny Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (TiVA) is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with tiny dimensions. Because of its small size, less materials are needed for construction, less money are spent and we can rapidly research, prototype and test different wind turbine designs. Any successful design may then be scaled up to larger wind turbines.

The unique features of the TiVA are:

  • Open Source - all our research, simulations, design, prototypes, fabrication documentation and data measurements will be published for free to the world. Instead of keeping secrets among few we are aiming for the best wind turbine practices through global open source collaboration.
  • Modularity - all parts like rotors, generators, hubs and electronics are designed independent from one another so that different part configurations can be tested to find the optimal ones. The different parts can be prototyped, tested, repaired and improved separately and in parallel. Thus new innovations can be introduced quicker using less resources.
  • Scalability - the TiVA can be easily scaled up to produce more power.
  • Do It Yourself - we empower every individual, by design, to easily build the wind turbine.
  • Low-Cost - the TiVA uses cheaper materials, less bearings and axles, less machining operations and costs around 200 Euro.
  • Mobility is achieved throught the tiny size and less weight.
  • Collects wind from every direction: no need for a directional control (+less mechanics and electronics)
  • Batteries can be charged quick&dirty with a simple charging circuit from a small wind turbine, which would not be possible with a high power wind turbine.

From TiVA to bigger
After TiVA we concentrate on scaling up the successful TiVA designs to produce more energy for more powerful applications. Our immediate goal is to produce the best design on the scale within Germany's regulations, not greater than 4m^2 and complete assembly not higher than 10m, so that everyone can put the wind turbine in their own garden without bureaucracy and taxes.
We are currently in the research phase of the TiVA plattform. We tested the lift-only type wing profile with the NACA0018 airfoil and due to its slow performance on the TiVA we will not test it further. Our next goal is to test fixed wing hybrid lift/drag designs like Lenz2.

3D modelling session for TiVA with Alex Shure and Mario.


We are preparing the technical infrastructure and software for simulating highly complex flow systems. This will help us to find optimal wind turbine designs through computer simulation.

And this is where You come - You can help us to continue this research, build prototypes, test them, find the best wind turbine designs and share them to everyone.
Your Donation
Your Donation will go to:

  • Development of the Wilssen controller for monitoring the wind turbine and data exchange.
  • Design a mold for casting the alternator's stator
  • Creating the 3D Models and Simulations
  • LED drivers, controllable constant current sources for the high power LEDs
  • Needed materials - sheets of metal, plywood, tools for the lathe, boring bar, inserts, polyester or epoxy resin and hardener + filler, paints, cases for the electronics, Neodymium magnets, enameled copper wire aka. magnet wire, electric planer, aluminium or stainless steel tubes, and more.
  • Any critical needs for the further development of the project.

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