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Timm Wille
  • Name: Timm Wille
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Contact:
timm.wille at ose-germany.de
+49 (0)176 613 zero four 615
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Xing

Mechanical Engineering-Student (Master), "Renewable Energies“

Interests: Renewable Energies, Bionic, Technology, CAD, Grafics, Video, Animation, Internet, alternative concepts for economy & politics, Education, Sustainablility, Future

„Passion, imagination and confidence make the impossible possible! 
Collaboration instead of competition, for an efficient and sustainable future.“

In German: Timm_Wille


As a tech-passioned and curious person, I'm always on the search of new challenges,

which provide possibilities to learn something new for the future.

Therefore in essence I aim to collect fresh knowledge as a chance

to actually make a difference in this world.

I founded and coordinate workshops in schools and several other initiatives

(mainly about bikes, repair, sustainability, upcycling, collaboration, future responsibility).

Bikes and renewable energies by the way are a really good way to get and provide the

feeling for sustainability. What in my eyes is the key term for the future (in a circular way).

Practical experience (own projects, industry and small companys) and volunteering activities,

as well as my studies and active research (see "Interests" on top) have shown me again and again

how inefficient our profit maximizing economy is. An enormous waste of human potential and natural

resources. Although today we already have the technologies and the knowledge for an optimized

distribution of todays massive overproduction.

Questioning the conventional ways and to develop new ideas is for me the biggest joy.

And in this sense I would like to contribute to the Open Source Eclology (Economy) movement.

The capabilities for change are slumbering within each and everyone of us!

Together we actually can make a difference.

!Let’s do it Open Source!

I am determined to always give it my best shot.


  • Contact for Press & Interviews
German ones: (Freitag, WiWo Green etc)
  • Helping to connect and develop the German network and connections worldwide

Always happy to help in:

  • Organizing events, exhibitions, fairs in Berlin and beyond
  • Workshops in Berlin (not at the moment)
  • Projects based in Berlin (contact me)


Anforderungen an die 
Technische Dokumentation
bei Open Source

OSPE - Technische Dokumentation (Checkliste: Kann weiterentwickelt werden → ggf. Kontakt aufnehmen!)

Bachelor Thesis:
Entwicklung einer Berechnungs-Methode 
für die Auslegung von Pitch-Regelungen
bei vertikale betriebenen Windkraftanlagen
nach Open Source Kriterien

Darrieus-Pitch (Kann weiterentwickelt werden → ggf. Kontakt aufnehmen!)

Ich habe eine kleine wissenschaftliche Seminararbeit zu OSE verfasst:
OSE - wissenschaftliche Seminararbeit - Timm Wille - Version 2.pdf