Hydro power plant

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Status inactive
Phase documentation
Lizenz CC-BY-SA 4.0
Stichwörter Wind, Energie, Electricity, Power
Repositories https://github.com/faerietree/waterwheel
OKH Meta-Data N/A


  • Electronics (because it may add or override some schematics of used modules to tailor for generating power from water)
  • Mechanics


See 0install.

  • hydro_power_plant (generic turbine)
  • hydro_power_plant__speed (high head/pressure is the most significant factor)
  • hydro_power_plant__mass (high volume/mass is the most significant factor)

For using a vortex see the corresponding for hydro power tailored modules of vortex_power_plant:

  • hydro_power_plant__speed__vortex (extension for circular rotation)
  • hydro_power_plant__mass__vortex (extension for circular rotation)