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Nikolay: Why I dedicated my life to Open Source Ecology?

Personal Path


  • Two weeks I was giving pretzels to the people on the street in Darmstadt. Unfortunately I wasn't able to just lift them up from the poverty - I didn't have the resources for that - as a poor student who is simultaneously studying and working. This was very disappointing! And nobody really cared for these people!


  • I noticed that my computer science studies in the university didn't help me develop as a human being. The focus was narrowed down to software and few mathematical courses. The result of finishing my bachelor was: 1) one lecture which I used in my later work as software developer. Actually the lecture was following a famous book that I could just read 2) new friends (which is an indirect result) 3) the paper which may have helped some employer to employ me. I just wasted 5 years of my life with low impact activities.
  • To me came what was written in many spiritual books - the silence. Deep embracing everything peace ... Indescribable. This was what I was searching spiritually and when I found it, I knew that I can deepen it and enjoy it much more, but I saw something very important - this profound peace didn't require me to be someone or to do something to experience it and it is available to everyone in every moment in different intensities. The danger is, as well as with money, that you can "indulge" in it and forget to help others and solve serious humanitarian issues. And indulging is much easier than you think because the attraction of this absolute peace is millions time stronger than the usual emotions we experience and it is available in every moment. After I saw this, my previous notion of absolute peace changed and I enjoy much more the Fullness of the small moments in life and see and experience the absolute in the relative, the big in the small. And I started to ask my self seriously how can we practically improve the way we live.


  • I knew intuitively in 2010 that in 2011, the year when I got involved in OSE, I will make big changes in my life. This is what happened.
  • After my bachelor in September 2009, I started a full time job, and for 15 months in my free time I was searching for ways we can improve the society and found great initiatives - organic farming, renewable energies, fair trade, sharing in different ways and others. Then I learned that all of them are directly connected to the economy. Open Source Ecology offered a path integrating all the different aspects into one vision and was making concrete steps into realizing this vision.
  • In December 2010 I visited Bulgaria and:
    • We calculated with my best friend from Bulgaria that if he wants buy an apartment for his family, he had to save money for 20 years! And every month he would have 100€ left for everything beside his basic needs. Then his children will become adults and they can start to save money for their apartments! This is a brutal survival cycle spreading through human generations!
    • I was speaking with my best friend about OSE and its implications, and that no matter what we do as humans if we don't cover our basic needs we won't be able to evolve to higher levels. Every word I said felt on the right place and the right time and for the first time in my life I tangibly felt inspiration in the atmosphere. Then I said that someone has to work in this direction - to cover the basic needs of humanity as the foundation of human evolution - and I saw that I will have to do it, this is my life. At this moment I found my life mission. My friend was so inspired that he said he should have filmed me.
    • In the school in Bulgaria I was sitting at one desk with a friend. He has very good in computer science and mathematics. Now he is forced to do web marketing and does not have much time to take care of his health! His potential for contribution to humanity was lost! Hopefully it is not to late for him and his children!


  • Beginning of 2011 I started to contribute to OSE - Wiki, Team Culturing and so on.
  • In the middle of April Marcin gave me important tasks - web site preparation before the TED Talk, worldwide press communication, OSE map. After the TED Talk we had explosive growth - I had still my full time job and before and after the job I was working on OSE. The first week I slept 5 hours per night. After that I managed to sleep 8 hours. After the second week - we had so many things to do that my full time job was hindering my contribution to OSE and I quit my job to do what I LOVE to do. The decision was taken in less than 3 seconds after seeing all the signs that lead me to where I was.
  • Before I quit my job I THOUGHT that in my free time I was growing well. When I quit my job for doing what I LOVE I gained much more power, my thoughts just broke free to the possibilities which I previously couldn't see. I am not promoting quitting your job, but I am promoting high alignment with what you really care about!
  • Started OSE Europe



Sustainable Values

Open Source Ecology is based on Natural Principles which consequences have been shown to be positive for a lot of natural and technological systems.

  • Decentralization (instead of Centralization) of Power – proven pattern in a lot of networks, like technology (Internet, web site development, ...) and human relationships (politics, religion/spirituality, family, ...).
  • Self-Sufficiency – basic needs for living are covered and produced by the local people. No need for dependence. In the future if there is dependency it will be in the form of collaboration.
  • Openness – sharing documentation, product design and development process. Being able to change and adapt the products.
  • Product Quality – life-time, modular and systems Design.
  • Collaboration (instead of using other people for self-interest) – getting people together by purpose and values, and not by force, is much better for the producers and the consumers as well.
  • Replicability – giving birth of open sourced, modern-living villages and cities is just amazing! Having the choice of replicability saves a lot of time and work.

Going Beyond Survival

It is crucially important that we go beyond life of survival. Survival mode is pushing everyone to take resources from other people, not considering their allowance, health and their community. When we are in survival mode we often neglect our own values and push other people in order to survive.

When we reach the state of living where all basic needs are covered, every person on this planet will have much bigger possibility to develop his own potential. Right now only a very small percentage of the human population have the time and possibilities to develop themselves – to guide their own life in the direction they want, to contribute to the society by using their abilities in their fullness. Most people in the world are fighting, struggling, working only for their own survival or that of their own families, and higher goals and desires like developing themselves and contributing to society are not possible or of low priority.

We need new models of economy and living based on openness, giving and sharing. Open Source Ecology is headed clearly in this direction, giving back freedom and abundance to where it belongs.


Open Source can accelerate 100000x innovation transforming it into radical real-time open collaborative worldwide innovation.

Future Generations

This significant information we are creating will be saved digitally for hundreds of years. This means that we are creating value now, not only for our current generation, but for all ... future ... generations to come - 2012, 2020, 2050, 2100, ... They will inherit this informations and build upon them. Their well being depends on our actions now!