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Collaborative Open Hardware Development
and Distributive Enterprises


We are focused on economically significant technologies in the sectors housing, construction, farming, renewable energy, transportation, fabrication and more, according to long-term sustainability Core Values like replicability, modularity, scalability, low-cost, efficiency, use of local and natural resources.

The distribution of the technologies is optimized through open sourcing the designs and production processes, creating rapid learning materials and gaining experience through hands-on workshops.

We go one step further and create Distributive Enterprises, which have at the core of their operational strategy the open independent replication of the enterprise.


Once the technologies and business models are open sourced, people with access to flexible fabrication workshops can download the designs, adapt them to their local environment if needed and build the technologies. Then they share back their improvements and innovations and create additional value locally and globally. This open innovation cycle repeats itself and boosts rapidly economical improvements worldwide. The implications are enormous:

  • Together we are able to develop the worldwide most open and sustainable technologies,
  • localize the production and the economy,
  • secure our basic needs,
  • overcome artificial resource scarcity,
  • live a culture of openness, cooperation and solidarity,
  • have more free time for higher goals,
  • and the human potential is unleashed.
  • Future generations inherit all open source documentation and physical technologies, and build upon it. Their wellbeing depends on our actions now!

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