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This template checks for the last punctuation character and removes it if there should be comma (,) colon (:) semicolon (;) exclamation mark (!) question mark (?) or a dot (.). So it forces to be there one of these characters. But it can also remove the last character. Examples:

Code Result
{{Force last punctuation| : |Text had a dot.}}
Text had a dot:
{{Force last punctuation| : |Text had no dot or other punctuation}}
Text had no dot or other punctuation:
{{Force last punctuation| . |Text and question mark remains? | allow = ?! }}
Text and question mark remains?
{{Force last punctuation| delete |Text had a question mark? }}
Text had a question mark
{{Force last punctuation| delete |Text had no final .;:!? or so … }}
Text had no final .;:!? or so …
{{Force last punctuation| delete |only text and no punctuation}}
only text and no punctuation

There exist also the template: remove last punctuation, which is just a wrapper to {{force last punctuation | delete |Text had a question mark?}}.