Nikolay Log/2012-09

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  • Personal: Moved to Andrej in Munich for the next week.
  • Call: Learned new techniques with Kdenlive (the important tutorials are in the wiki pages) - zooming in photos, making smooth transitions with "Dissolve".


  • Call: Alexander Lieders agreed to help next week on the OSE Construction Animation. He did great quality work when we worked on the OSE Video - great person worth supporting.
  • Call: Finished the script. Needs to be reviewed. Asked yesterday Franky, Oliver, Achmed and everyone in the forum - still no response. I continue with sourcing the Photos and Videos. Photos and own drawings for the "Challenges" are sourced and made. Sourcing the photos really takes time.
  • Association: We had a lot of discussion that I put the creation of the association to a lower priority in the strategic development. I may have been a little bit hard on that to the others, but I still feel that this is low priority for our development and nevertheless today I said that if I see somebody else taking the responsibility for creating the association, I may help with it with some smaller tasks. From my perspective - work on legal structures with so few people takes too much time. We need more people, we need people with whom we can talk and act every day so that we really scale the development of OSEG.


  • Call: wrote the script for the "Network" in Germany. Opened the development of the call in Trello. The call will be similar to the planned OSE Video but focused on Germany and a little bit shorter.
  • OSE Europe: Created first draft of the OSEE Status Update. Waiting for the official confirmation of Marcin about the EU funding through Ynternet before I publish the update.
  • Organisation: Reminded Waldo about the pending questions.





Traveled back to Munich. Took some stuff from Darmstadt, met with few people.




  • Publicity: updated the OSEG Flyer to these Flyer Dimensions and printed 100 flyers in Mr. Copy in Witzenhausen for 50€.
  • Growth: Daniel Lang is aligning himself with Love. Totally Inspiring! The old is shaved off and We, as Open Network, are growing again.
  • Publicity: added few more videos the presentation.


  • Noticed: the Wind Turbine Campaign still needs to be prepared for the the public.
  • Traveled from Munich to Witzenhausen. On the way:
  • Publicity: Created the OSEG Flyer: Oseg-brochure-01-outside.pdf, Oseg-brochure-02-inside.pdf
  • velaia: Met with Daniel Lang in Heilbronn.
  • My battery was empty during the trip. I need a backup solution during such long trips so that I can continue my work.
  • OM: With Krum Syarov we are coming to the same conclusion - the more work you have the more effective you are.
  • Arrival in Witzenhausen: beautiful small city. Great people in the shared apartment where I stay - Katja, Urs, ...


  • IT: Created Bank Account templates (2h): Category:Sensitive_Data. If there was a trusted IT person to help I could dedicate my time to other important pursuits for the OSEG development.
  • velaia: Updated the Open Book Accounting.
  • Fundraising: Asked Alex, Oliver and Achmed to take care of the Wind Turbine Campaign page, as I am focusing on the presentation. Generally: We have at least 3 highly important work areas and I currently cannot work on them. And the wind turbine campaign is not even one of them. We need more people. We need to communicate and connect better. I can start on this after Sunday, 16:00 (expected).
  • Consuming: Went to the Munich city center to buy a presenter and food. I want to replace this consumer lifestyle with the following: build an OSEG Community and produce your own food. In 5 years build the open source presenter.
  • Presentation: I selected few additional points for the Transition Konferenz presentation.
  • 22:12 - Time for preparing my trip to Witzenhausen, rest, OSE meditation and sleep.